Is English spoken in Cabo?
Most people you will encounter during your trip speak English. The local people are very friendly and will help you learn as you go. Many of our staff speak fluent Spanish and English and can assist you if you have any difficulty.

Is the water and food safe?
Cabo does not have the sanitation problems some other Mexican towns have. Water and ice served at most restaurants and bars are purified and safe to drink. You can brush your teeth with the water from the tap in our hotels. However drinking bottled water, which is available everywhere, is advised. There are many excellent restaurants in Cabo, as well as many good "dollar taco" stands. You will not likely have any problems with the food or water in Cabo however, if you consume larger quantities of alcohol than in your normal daily diet, you may inadvertently blame how you feel afterwards on the food or water.

How do I pay for things in Cabo?
The US Dollar is accepted at almost every business in Cabo that caters to tourists, but the Mexican currency is the Peso. You can use either. The current exchange rate is approximately 12-13 Pesos per US Dollar. Most businesses accept major credit cards, and there are a number of ATMs conveniently located in town.

What if I require medical attention in Cabo?
There are many hospitals with reputable doctors who speak English. There are also tourist air ambulance services based in California and Texas.

Do I need a Passport to travel to Cabo?
Yes. Beginning January 23, 2007 all U.S. Citizens who travel by air to or from Mexico will be required to present a valid U.S. Passport in order to leave and re-enter the country.

Important Travel Information for Mexico
The following links contain important information about travel to Mexico. Government and airline regulations change frequently, so please check online before you travel. There are also several third party websites that provide opinions on matters such as safety, bringing prescription medications for personal use and others. However, please be advised that enforcement differs greatly and we recommend that you use common sense precautions to ensure a smooth, safe and enjoyable trip.

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