"Cabo's first luxury nightclub..." - Since 2009

Mandala is one of the newer additions to Cabo's nightlife. This two level nightclub is a cross between Miami Beach and Vegas. The world-class sound system, plasma screens, luminescent dance floors and living-room style VIP areas offer a truly unique, upscale club experience. Mandala is located in downtown Cabo next to Squid Roe.



Reserve a booth for up to 10 people at Mandala. VIP Booths include a credit of $400. Booths, are located on the 2nd level overlooking the dance floor, and on the first level just outside the dance floor with easy access to the bar.


Reserve a table for up to 5 people at Mandala. VIP Tables include a credit of $200. VIP Tables, are located in the best setting throughout Mandala's 2 levels, always either overlooking or just outside of the dance floor and with easy access to the bar.

A VIP Table may be reserved by one person (you) who may bring up to 4 additional guests per table. A VIP Booth may be reserved by one person (you) who may bring up to 9 additional guests per booth. You must arrive between 9:00pm and 11:30pm to claim your reservation, which will have your name on it. If you do not arrive and claim your reservation by 11:30pm, your reservation may be cancelled without refund. Bring your ID and a copy of the voucher you will receive after making the reservation online. Credit will be deducted from your bar tab at the end of the night. If you exceed your credit, a credit card or cash may be used to pay for additional items you order. No change will be given if you do not use all of your credit. PLEASE NOTE: The name on the credit card used to pay for this reservation must match the name of the user. The venue will require positive photo ID that matches the name on the reservation. BLACKOUT DATE: December 31