"The most fun you can have with your clothes on." - Since 2009

Imported from Las Vegas, Pink Kitty is not just a nightclub, it is an alternate reality. VIP bottle service, a sexy female staff, and a world-class sound system assure partygoers the best party atmosphere ON THE PLANET. International DJs and celebrity appearances are scheduled weekly. We serve up a dish of hip hop, mash up, and house beats to satisfy your music palate.



Reserve a large table for up to 10 people at Pink Kitty. Large tables include a credit of $400 and have the best location in the club. The large, raised booths just outside the dance floor also has easy access to the bar.


Reserve a VIP table for up to 5 people at Pink Kitty. Small tables include a credit of $200 and most are located conveniently close to the main bar and dance floor with true VIP status.

A Small Table may be reserved by one person (you) who may bring up to 4 additional guests per table. A Large Table may be reserved by one person (you) who may bring up to 9 additional guests per table. You must arrive between 9:00pm and 11:00pm to claim your table, which will have your name on it. If you do not arrive and claim your table by 11:00pm, your reservation may be cancelled without refund. Bring your ID and a copy of the voucher you will receive after making the reservation online. Credit will be deducted from your tab at the end of the night. If you exceed your credit, a credit card or cash may be used to pay for additional items you order. No change will be given if you do not use all of your credit. Pink Kitty is open Wednesday - Saturday and is closed Sunday - Tuesday. If a reservation is made for a night that they are closed, you will be contacted to reschedule for the next available date. PLEASE NOTE: The name on the credit card used to pay for this reservation must match the name of the user. The venue will require positive photo ID that matches the name on the reservation. BLACKOUT DATES: December 31.