Instantly become a Cabo insider and get the royal treatment by reserving a Cabo VIP Host for your trip. Whether you're a celebrity who needs a Vegas-style executive host or a bachelor party who wants red carpet nightlife, we have the advice you need and the contacts required to make things happen.

For individuals, small or large groups:
VIP Hosts are available to accompany and travel with you while in Cabo San Lucas. Our hosts can help you with customs, immigration, translation, companionship for elderly, children or those with special needs (including celebrities).

How to book a Cabo VIP Host:
The group leader, event organizer or any other guest may book a VIP Host to assist an individual or the entire group. As a general rule, one host should be provided for each 1-20 guests. To book your VIP host please contact us at the email or phone number below and let us know what you have in mind. We will be sure to match you with the right host.

Cabo VIP Host FAQs:

Q: What exactly are you selling?
A: A tour guide with whom you'll actually want to hang out, with the connections of a world-class concierge, an education that may rival your own, and the flexibility to play the role of your party buddy one minute and your local consultant the next.

Q: I'm throwing a bachelorette party. Tell me why I want a Cabo VIP Host.
A: You'll feel more secure having a locally-known, well-connected host. You'll know where to go, and when, and you'll be treated like royalty along the way. Your host will take you to the finest restaurants, get you seated at the most desirable tables, advise you on what dishes to order (even those not on the menu), and walk you past the lines into the best VIP tables at the bars and clubs in Cabo.

Q: Where are your hosts from?
A: Most are Americans or bilingual Mexicans who have extensive experience working in Cabo.

Q: Is there anything my host won't do?
A: Your Host is not your errand boy, escort, drug dealer, pimp, driver or bodyguard. While they do not judge you, they will not perform any culturally insensitive or illegal acts on your behalf.


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